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Kandoshin is a martial art that was founded in 1975 by a Nigerian black-belt holder named Soke Happy John Uvwiefenigwere. Since its creation, it has become a freestyle fighting arts organization that unites many contemporary and ancient martial arts from all over the globe. Translated from its native tongue, Kandoshin means “House of the way of Truth.”

This martial art is based on the belief that a man can purify himself and find the truth through physical combat. While Kandoshin houses the truth, man unleashes it. Soke Happy John combined all of his trainings of Chinese Martial Arts, Japanese Martial Arts, and Korean Martial arts to form his own style of training and techniques. It is safe to say that Kandoshin is derivative of many Asian Martial Arts. The martial art became public to all Nigerians in 1986.

Since its introduction, this martial art has become popularized all over the world. It has spread through Africa, North America, South America, and Europe. This freestyle martial arts system unifies the body and mind in a joyful discovery of truth.

Soke Happy (also known as Professor Happy) holds a Ph.D in martial arts and is the 6th dan black belt. He is also the minister of Federation of All-Nigeria Karatedo Organizations (FANKO). The core of Professor Happy’s teachings relies on a number of different techniques. Kandoshin utilizes a combat science which employs kung-fu, boxing, wrestling, capoiera, savate, karate, aikido, jiu-jitsu, teakwondoand kobuto.