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Hwa Rang Do

Hwa Rang Do is a Korean martial art that employs over 4,000 diverse combat techniques and over one hundred weapons. The use of each technique and weapon is taught in a logical progression. New Hwa Rang Do students, who are not familiar with martial arts, are encouraged to enter introductory Tae Soo Do, which is a beginner’s course of the art. Both martial arts were founded by Dr. Joo Bang Lee.

The literal translation of Hwa Rang Do is “flower man way.” A man must nurture strength, honor, and virtue. Only then will he bloom like a flower and this is the only way. These are the teachings instructed to each student and practitioner.

Despite the translation of the art’s name, this art was named after the Harang. The Harang were an elite group of Koreans who were educated in the finest martial arts facilities. There is a lot of controversy over who created and coined the techniques associated with Hwa Rang Do. Many practitioners say that they were instructed by the Harangs, while others claim they were taught by Dr. Joo Bang Lee’s teachings.

Nevertheless, Dr. Joo Bang Lee currently holds the Supreme Grand Master title of Hwa Rang Do. He has been residing in the United States since 1970, where he currently has schools that instruct his techniques. New students learn effective methods of ground fighting and grappling. Some of the main weapons used in an introduction to Hwa Rang Do include: The Sang Jyel Bong (nunchaku), Jang Bong (long staff), and the Gum Mu (sword).

Hwa Rang Do is also a fighting system that teaches moral principles as well and the cod of behavior associated with this system is Meng Sae.  Meng Sae incorporates five rules and nine principles of philosophy.  Ultimately, a practitioner uses his skills responsibly and is a humble, strong and honorable individual.