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› Japanese Martial Arts

Japanese Martial Arts started during the medieval period in Japan. It was mainly practiced by the Samurai class. It was a period of fighting, struggling and war. A samurai was gifted with this art, as it could save him from enemy attack.
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› Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese Martial Arts are the most traditional martial arts in the world. They existed prior to the 12th century. Chinese Martial Arts include hundreds of different styles and it's undoubtedly the most versatile martial art in the world.
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› Korean Martial Arts

Korean Martial Arts has a very rich tradition that’s derived from it’s ancient past. Different types of martial arts were originated or modified in Korea. Nevertheless, all martial arts are different in nature. Korean swords and Korean knives are the popular choice of weapons in hand-to-hand combative sports.
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› Brazilian Martial Arts

Brazil has an old history of a special type of Martial Arts. Capoeira is one type of Martial Art that was originated in Brazil. So, Brazilian Martial Arts mainly involves the art of Capoeira. Capoeira employs a degree of flexibility consisting of kicks, head butts, elbow strikes and sweeps.
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› Indian Martial Arts?

Indian Martial Arts have existed ever since antiquity or the pre-Gupta period. India refers to martial arts in Sanskrit as dhanurveda which translates to the "science of archery." For the Indians, martial arts have traditionally been considered to be a branch of knowledge.
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